Inner Mind Communication

Advantage Hypnosis, EFT & Reiki

Jen Graham, C.Ht.  EFT-ADV  Usui Reiki III

     Certified Hypnotherapist,  EFT-ADV Practitioner, Usui Reiki Practitioner    

                                        Associate Member of The Healing Touch Professional Association                                            

     Stop Smoking, Develope Healthy Eating Habits, Reduce Stress using HYPNOSIS and EFT



Hypnosis and EFT are very safe, relaxing and effective.
Using your own subconscious mind, learn how to stop self-defeating habits and addictions, such as smoking and unhealthy eating, without difficulty or withdrawal.

Eliminate fears and phobias such as fear of public speaking, fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of spiders, etc.

Banish tension, anxiety, stress and many stress related medical conditions including irritable bowel syndrome, headaches and many physical aches and pains. (Although IBS may or may not be caused by stress directly, it is well established from research that psychological stress increases the symptoms of many people who have the disorder. If the mind can have such a powerful negative influence on the intestinal tract, it makes sense that the mind can also be used to have a positive or calming influence on the intestines)

Relieve migraine headaches, motion sickness, grief, guilt, sadness, depression, insomnia, obsessions, health issues and more.

                                                            HYPNOSIS WORKS!

               You are what you believe you are, change your thoughts and change your life!

The Power of Hypnotherapy


Hypnosis is a very safe, relaxing process to help modify self-defeating attitudes and behaviors. Almost everyone can be hypnotized. During hypnosis, you are always totally aware and in control. You can use the power of your own mind to create new, life-giving alternatives to old self-limiting behaviors.

Nearly all of us want self-improvement. Hypnosis offers us this magnificent tool for change. Change your thoughts and you change your life! You can pump powerful, life-giving suggestions into the subconscious mind.

Through hypnotherapy, we can reprogram your outdated, belief patterns, replacing them with empowerment, faith and enthusiasm. New beliefs and behaviors are programmed through repetition of positive affirmations, visualizations and suggestions. It’s fun, it’s easy! It’s completely safe.

 A qualified hypnotist will guide you into a calm, relaxed state of mind and body

Hypnotheray and EFT Uses

smoking cessation 
organization skills
anxiety, stress
learning skills, memory
test anxiety
nail biting
pain control
neck and should tension
panic attacks                                                     bedwetting
public speaking
restful sleep, insomnia
creative writing
road rage, driving anger
sales motivation
self esteem, self confidence
exercise motivation
fears and phobias
sports performance
jealousy, anger
food cravings
healthy eating                                                   




Use the POWER of your own mind to create the life you want to live!

Jennifer Graham. C.Ht., EFT-ADV, Master Level III Usui Reiki, Certified Hypnotherapist.  A graduate of the Cincinnati School of Hypnosis in Milford, Ohio, Founded in 1974 by Dr. James Ward, Certified through The Cincinnati Academy of Hypnosis and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association in 2002, Certificate Advanced EFT- ADV Practitioner,  Shinpiden  Master Level III Usui Reiki Natural Healing System Practitioner.

Fully insured through Energy Medicine Professional Insurance EMPI

Disclaimer: Hypnosis, EFT, MTT and Reiki are techniques designed to help you restore emotional balance. I make no claims with regard to physical healing or to the cure of mental or emotional disorders. These methods should not be used in place of proper medical or psychological treatment. If you are having serious physical, mental or emotional problems, it is important and recommended that you seek proper professional assessment and treatment with a  qualified Medical Doctor.


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